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                            Tkdial - Dialer for ISDN

                       Copyright (c) 2001, Michael Augustin

This is a tool to start dialup connections on different network devices. Each
network device (ippp0, ippp1, ...) is configured for a different ISP (internet
service provider). With tkdial the user can choose a ISP an the computer dial
with this configuration to the internet.


1. tkdial itself

Untar the downloaded tarfile with "tar xzf tkdial.tar".

Change to the new directory and simple execute "make install".

This copies the executable files (dial, tkdial) to /usr/local/bin . You can
change the location of installation in the file "Makefile".

a sample configuration file (tkdialrc) is copied to /etc . This file is a 2
column list. Column 1 is the name of the button (the name of the ISP). Column
2 is the corresponding network device name (ippp0, ...).

2. configure your dialups

You need to configure your dialups with your system configuration tool
(like YaST on SuSE Linux). Tkdial set only one dialup device online using
isdnctrl and does nothing else to your network configuration.

3. configure sudo

Because of the changing in the network system that tkdial does it needs
root-access. I use sudo to do that while calling /usr/local/bin/dial. Put these
lines into your sudo-configuration (/etc/sudoers using visudo).

----------- snip ----------------------
# User alias specification
User_Alias DIAL = %uucp, %dialout

DIAL      pitti = NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/dial
----------- snap ----------------------

4. user groups

Like you see in section 3 every user calling "dial" must be in a group called
"uucp" or "dialout". Both group exist on my SuSE Linux 7.2. You may create a new
group or change the group names in the sudo-configuration (see section 3). For
instance you can put the group "users" allow to dialup.

# User alias specification
User_Alias DIAL = %users



Tkdial can take some options to fit into your desktop look. You may define a
font, front- and background color and window size and position.


If you think something works not or in the wrong way or some feature is
missing, you can contact the project on the sourceforge-website or by email
maugustin (at)

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